Hello America, How Are You?

Traveling For a Year with the Barrys

by Pat and Judy Barry


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Everybody has some kind of a dream in the back of their mind that they want to fulfill before it's too late. For us, since we have always loved motor homing, it was a non-restricted no itinerary journey across America, including Canada and Alaska. Well, we did it. For one year we wandered through our great country seeing boundless beauty, meeting wonderful people, reliving history and really understanding pride in America. Now we want to take you along. So hop in, buckle up and just relax. We'll start by driving north through the Canadian Rockies, the Alaskan Highway and the Yukon Territory. Next we will spend a month in Alaska seeing wildlife and beauty you can only imagine. Back in the lower forty eight we will cross dramatic deserts, the bountiful mid-west farm lands, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Boston Harbor, New York City, Washington D.C., Virginia Beach, Civil and Revolutionary War sites, The Civil Rights Museum, Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Everglades, Florida Keys, the Deep South and so much more. Now for the good part. You don't have to worry about packing, stopping the newspaper or forwarding the mail. In fact don't even worry about bringing your wallet. We will be using our credit card! So sit back and relax, pick up this good book and enjoy it at your leisure. We've got you covered for the rest of the trip.


About the Author

Pat and Judy Barry

First time writers, but worldwide travelers, Pat and Judy Barry welcome you aboard their motor home for an enjoyable tour of America, Canada and Alaska on a one year excursion. Retired and married fifty years, they have camped with their four children and nine grandchildren for much of that time. You can visit them at their website: www.travelingwiththebarrys.com