Heartbreak Recovery

A Hundred Days to Healing

by Lynn Otwoe


Book Details

Help to Heal your Broken Heart

“A Hundred Days to Healing” is a step by step guide to getting through the grief of a broken heart. In this uplifting, simple to read book, the author offers helpful information about the process of grieving and recovery and shares the insights of others who have experienced recovery from heartbreak. Working through the “Days” is like following a map towards wholeness and eventual happiness. For some, the “Hundred Days to Healing” may be a literal hundred days. For others, a hundred “Days” may represent a hundred weeks or in some cases, a hundred months. This book can be used as an important tool towards healing.


About the Author

Lynn Otwoe

Lynn Otwoe is a counsellor in private practice in Adelaide, South Australia and the founder of Heartbreak Recovery Counselling, Adelaide. She has personally travelled the journey from heartbreak to recovery and has interacted with many others as they have come to terms with their own “unexpected outcomes of life”. As a single parent she has faced and overcome many challenges with a spirit of optimism and strength. Her formal qualifications include B.Soc.Sc.,G.Dip.Couns., G.Cert. Couns., MSW (current).