The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Company

by David C. Tolson and Christopher J. Younger



The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Company

by David C. Tolson and Christopher J. Younger

Published Jun 28, 2009
179 Pages
Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Mergers & Acquisitions


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In the next ten to twenty years, most business owners will either hand their companies over to their children, shut their businesses down, or sell them. Smart business owners will plan for this years before they retire. Those who do not may find themselves settling for far too little, and this lack of planning may leave them unable to survive financially after their business is gone.

In HARVEST, deal experts Christopher J. Younger and David C. Tolson have created the ultimate step-by-step guide that will help you understand how to attain the maximum value for your business and create the perfect exit strategy.

In this book, you will learn how to:

- Evaluate your financial needs

- Plan your exit objectives

- Value your business

- Hire the right advisory team

- Understand financial statements and legal agreements

- Find a pool of potential buyers

- Enhance the value of your business through proper positioning,

timing, and operational improvement

- Negotiate the transaction

- Close the deal

The authors' goal with this book is to convince you that the time you spend today thinking about the ultimate sale or transition of your business will yield some of the greatest rewards you will ever experience related to your business, both financially and personally.


About the Author

David C. Tolson and Christopher J. Younger

HARVEST’s authors, Chris Younger and David Tolson, are the founders and managing directors for CapitalValue Advisors, an investment bank specializing in representing middle-market businesses. HARVEST represents their collective experience in law, business development, and mergers and acquisitions, as well as their experience as business managers, entrepreneurs and valuation experts having managed dozens of transactions as buyers, sellers, and advisors.