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Harper’s Bizarre opens with a senseless murder—setting into motion events that lead to still more murders in the sleepy Southern college town of Harper.

With murder a rarity in their small town, the Harper Police Department, led by Chief Grady Noland, is challenged in its response to the bizarre events and widely circulating, outrageous rumors. When Brad Childers—a schizophrenic plagued by hallucinations—misinterprets something he sees, his friend Jesse persuades him to kill his whole family. Brad is committed to an asylum for the criminally insane. The Watkins brothers are jailed for Peter Dewberry’s murder, and their escape leads to a confrontation with Nancy and Danny Dewberry. Meanwhile, Bone Ludlow, fired from his job and divorced by his wife, Vicki, decides to get even with his ex-wife and her new husband, Hal Childers. Brad’s asylum escape sets the stage for a final showdown between Bone, Vicki, Hal, and Brad, which ends in disaster. And Chief Noland finds that the stress he’s undergone from the bizarre events in Harper may have dire effects on his health.


About the Author

Mike Thorne

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, B. Michael (Mike) Thorne earned three degrees from LSU, including a Ph.D. in experimental psychology. Thorne subsequently spent 39 years at Mississippi State University as an academic psychologist and published numerous journal articles, encyclopedia entries and four textbooks. He also writes short stories, primarily in the horror genre, and one of these, “Worms,” placed ninth in a Writer’s Digest contest with more than 2,000 entries. In 2017, he published a psychological-thriller novel, Murder in Memory. Since 1985, he has written a monthly column for Coins magazine and more than 1,000 articles for national numismatic periodicals. His other interests include cars, cooking, watching movies and British TV shows, reading, and exercising. Thorne is retired and lives in Starkville, Mississippi, with his wife, Wanda, and their rescue dog. They have two children and three grandchildren.