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There’s nothing like a near-death experience to put a person’s life back into perspective!

For Josh Eyre, it happened at a perfect time, right before Christmas. Traditionally a big fan of the Christmas season, Josh had found that as an adult, the holiday was becoming more of a labor than a love—but that all changed as he hung in the air on a cool winter night with no rescue in sight… At times sad, sweet, funny, nostalgic, and always thoughtful, Hang in There at Christmas is a gentle reminder for people of all ages to hold on to the magic and wonder of Christmas.


About the Author

Brad Myers

Brad Myers is a practicing surgeon who lives in the beautiful red rock region of southwest Utah. He and his wife, Lori, have five sons, one daughter, and two grandsons, and Brad’s family is his greatest joy. He is an outdoor enthusiast and especially loves fly fishing, and he is a big fan of all things Christmas. Hang in There at Christmas, written for his family, is his first book.