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Halloween Eve

Beloved by all, Richard Reese, an eternal child at heart, wrote Halloween Eve to recite at an annual family pumpkin carving back in 1998. The story was an immediate hit and became a family tradition. Fear created by the unknown and misunderstood ghost and human interaction is overcome when both decide to take a chance on getting to know the other. Their courageous and kind gesture uncovers a joyous new friendship and a new human and friendly-ghost family. The enchanting illustrations and sweet story will make Halloween Eve a holiday classic, and a book you will want to reach for all year round.


About the Author

Richard Reese

Richard Reese lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife of over 67 years. Together they raised their four daughters on acreage with a big red barn, horses, ponds with lots of singing frogs, an apple tree treehouse, and a dog named, George. Richard is known for his generous and comforting presence, kind heart, warm smile, humble spirit, and playful sense of humor. His light-hearted gift of storytelling transports and delights the imaginations of children and adults of all ages.