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Murder-Lust-Lies-Secrets Everything That Makes Life Worth Living

Ridgemont may be a small town but it has big city situations. Who murdered the man, he had no enemies, that employed most of Ridgemont’s workers? Can a beautiful woman find religion when a handsome pastor moves to town? Can a drifter lose his past? Can a church pot-luck supper turn into a murderous standoff? Questions, questions, questions, everyone in Ridgemont has questions but the answers are secrets, some of them twenty years old. Some snooping, some detective work and some psychiatric help sort it all out in Hairdresser.


Book Excerpt

In his travels to interest more members to his congregation, Rudy Riles stopped at The Beauty Nook and found the owner, Shellie Shotwell, and her sister, Barbara Smith, working on customers.

Shellie stopped working and came the few steps to the counter when she saw the handsome young man come in.

“May I help you?” She said coyly.

Rudy offered his hand, but Shellie held up her hands showing him the plastic gloves she was wearing that were wet and foamy. He lowered his hand and went on.

“I‘m Rudy Riles, the new pastor of Ridgemont Church, and I’m trying to meet people in the community and ask them to come to church. I don’t think I could have missed you in the two sermons I have preached, so if you aren’t connected to some other church I would like to ask you to attend this Sunday.” Louder, he said. “Same with you other ladies.”

“Oh, yes, I’ve heard about you, and I had no idea you would be so young…and handsome.” She emphasized handsome.

Without acknowledging the flirt, he went on. “I won’t keep you from your work, but I do hope I see all you ladies in church Sunday. Bye for now.”

After the door closed, Shellie offered. “ I think I’m going Sunday just to see him again. How about you, Barbara, you want to come with me?”

“Nah, I got to be at the track ‘cause Buster is racin’ his new Corvette and claims I bring him good luck. I think I saw a ring on his finger so you might be wastin’ your time.”

The lady in Barbara’s chair said. “His wife is really pretty too, and pregnant. She looks like she’s about due. I saw them in the grocery store the other day.”

“Well I ain’t going there to rape him; I just want to hear how he preaches. I might even start going regular if I like what I hear.” This was said with obviously fake anger.

“Yeah, right!” Barbara said sarcastically, and they all laughed.


About the Author

Douglas Chandler Graham

Doug Graham, known as Chandler through high school, was born in Roanoke, VA in 1930. His choices of employment run the gamut. Amusement ride operator, US Army Air Corps (later US Air Force), policeman, finance officer, real estate salesman, radio ad salesman, bottle club operator, automobile salesman, specialty advertisement salesman, mail carrier, private investigator. In January of 2000 he moved to Florida and has traveled extensively, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Hawaii and throughout the South and West United States. Writing, computer animation, camping and travel are his interests today.