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Guinevere’s Child Based on a true story by Marie True Evans

The year was 1912, Vallejo, California, and Guinevere set out in her horse drawn carriage to collect the rents for her husband, Henry Dierks. She loved to race along the beach roads. There was a large Pacific Fleet Naval Base on Mare Island in those days. Several of the fleet officers rented cottages as a sort of ‘pied-a-terre’ when back from sea duty. One of these renters was Lieutenant Commander Mark St. Clair Ellis, a brilliant young officer and inventor, who shared the cottage with his wife, Elizabeth. When he opened the door, he thought that Guinevere was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life, and he fell madly in love with her.

In the year 1921, in San Diego, California, Mary Jane, the middle child of three, was given up for adoption at age five. Sadly, she suffered an abusive childhood.

This is the story of her search, through the years, for the answers to why she was given up for adoption, and of her hope to be reunited with her brother and sister.

A true story of passion, betrayal, greed and the resiliency of the human spirit to survive adversity.


About the Author

Marie True Evans

Marie True Evans majored in dance and drama at the University of Maryland. During her early career in theater she was a professional dancer and actress. In 1959, Marie was selected “Miss Maryland” and represented her state in the Miss America Pageant. Marie and her husband John have three adult children, Adrienne, Brett, and Gardiner, and one grandson, Aiden. They divide their time between Baltimore, Maryland; Beverly Hills, California and Harbour Island, Bahamas.