Guiding Their Way - Day by Day

by Glo Wellman


Book Details

Children look to us for guidance.

Children of all ages - from toddlers to teens - thrive and blossom with encouragement from understanding adults. Every day - parents, grandparents, teachers and those who care for children have opportunities to help them as they learn and grow. This book suggests ways to compassionately respond to the many challenges and situations that come up with children. Written by an experienced teacher, parent educator, and mother of three, these messages for every day shine light on what children need and how best to respond to them. With ideas and inspiration to lift your spirits, clarify your thoughts and strengthen your commitment, you can meet each day prepared to give children your best.


About the Author

Glo Wellman

Glo Wellman, M.S., has been a parent educator, college instructor, and writer on parenting and child development issues for over 30 years. She is a co-author of the parenting book, Taking Care of Me, So I Can Take Care of My Children. Glo is the mother of three grown children who have been her most important teachers.

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