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Someone—a foreign power, a competitor, or even someone from within the CIA—has targeted Steve Renick for extermination. But how many more close calls can he endure before his luck runs out?

Steve Renick can no longer trust anyone at the agency. Three times in the past 48 hours, executioners narrowly missed their mark, and only those at the agency knew his itinerary. All indications lean toward a security leak. But why is he being targeted? Steve’s SEAL training and 14 years as a field agent in the CIA make him a lethal weapon, but he needs to find answers soon. Otherwise, the odds favor his unknown assassin. All too aware that good guys die too, Steve is not ready to be a star on a wall at Langley. The one sure thing he knows is that he needs to be the first to pull the trigger...


About the Author

William Poteet

William Poteet was born in New Orleans, raised in St. Louis, and presently lives in South Florida. William’s professional life has revolved around sales, management, civic engagement, and local and state politics. Good Guys Die Too is his debut novel, with a second book, Icarus’s Fall, to be released soon.