Golf Etiquette

A Comprehensive and Short Guide to Expected Player Behavior

by Randall Scott


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Entry Level Golf Players,

This is a 'Must-Read' Book!

Do you know what to do before finishing any game of golf to avoid being rude? What about the clothing golfers should never, ever wear on the course?

If you answered “no,” don’t worry — Golf Etiquette: A Comprehensive and Short Guide to Expected Player Behavior will help you master proper conduct so there’s no chance of embarrassment.

You’ll discover:

- The practices every golfer should know about before even heading to
the golf course (and how to properly reserve a tee time.)

- What you absolutely must bring with you to the course.

- Properly respecting a course by treating its sand traps, greens and
divots with care.

- How to avoid getting on members’ Blacklist without even realizing it.

- What to do before you leave the course so you’ll be sure to get
another tee time.

- Much, much more!

Written by a longtime golfer and resident of Augusta, Georgia — home of The Masters — Golf Etiquette doesn’t waste time trying to teach you how to drive the ball, approach the greens with fades or draws, or how to putt. Instead, this is the one book you need if you’re new to the game, new to a golfing community or just want to brush up on what’s expected on the social side of golfing. Because the more new golfers become golf-etiquette literate, the more fun the game becomes for everyone on the course. Happy golfing!


Book Excerpt

Try keeping a reasonable Pace while playing as it is very important. Normally it takes about 3 ½ to 4 hours to play a round of 18 holes of golf. Beginners will take a lot longer because they have very little control over the shots they make, and they tend to loose a lot of Golf Balls.


About the Author

Randall Scott

Randall Scott is a retired Army Captain and Computer Scientist Professor. A Vietnam and Desert Storm Veteran. A member of Gordon Lakes Golf Club at Fort Gordon, Georgia, Randall is an experienced golfer who has a passion for sharing the game with others.

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