Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How-To Tips

An easy guide book using a safer alternative, natural silica mineral, food grade insecticide.

by Tui Rose RN

Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How-To Tips

Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How-To Tips

An easy guide book using a safer alternative, natural silica mineral, food grade insecticide.

by Tui Rose RN

Published Mar 11, 2010
200 Pages
Genre: HOUSE & HOME / Cleaning, Caretaking & Organizing


Book Details

Natural Diatomaceous Earth Helpful Hints

For Going Green & Staying Healthy

The FIRST and ONLY informative and practical guidebook, not only in USA, but also the world! Learn helpful consumers tips using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE), a fossilized diatom/algae mineral powder for a wide variety of practical purposes for more ideal living, ie., better health for people, pets, animals, homes, gardens and environment.

Discover all the "amazing" green and safe things you can do using Mother Nature's Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for a myriad of useful benefits.

Imagine this! Mother Nature's "fix-it" remedy, Food Grade(DE): Safe enough for ingestion, yet can also be used as an effective and safe: non-abrasive kitchen metal and silver cleaner, soft scrub and polisher; grain storage protection; animal feed mineral additive; soil amender and mineral fertilizer; oil spill absorbent; indoor and outdoor natural mineral crawling insecticide. Plus, works as a deodorizer for kitty litter, refrigerator, shoes, vacuum bags, and barn manures to keep down odor and flies, and a bird de-licer.

Learn from a myriad of Anecdotal Consumer testimonials--other users tout their own personal success stories and secrets revealing a wide scope of novelty uses and benefits. Many of these users call their DE experiences "amazing", and a "miracle gift from God".

Multi-faceted ways to improve the quality of life for ideal living, ie.,relieves joint pains; lowers cholesterol 10 to 50 points; Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar; rids internal parasites and worms in humans, animals, and birds; controls lice, fleas, ticks, cockroaches and bedbugs etc., yet gives more energy; a feeling of well being and youthfulness; thin balding patches begin growing hair back and hair becomes more shiny;nails grow faster and stronger; and skin improves, etc.


"Tui Rose, a concerned mother, and registered nurse took fifteen years to research and compile this valuable resource with input from the most knowledgeable and skilled experts who each had 40 years experience in their fields.” GardenHarvestSupply.com.

“Exceptionally good! Well researched . Information is well qualified. Anecdotal information is labeled as anecdotal. Research data is labeled as researched.” Phil @ Richsoil.com.

“I am in awe! A wealth of information to minimize toxicity risks in the home, garden, farm, schools, etc. Jennifer Molzen,TickTackler.com.

“The author goes in to much detail on everything from using DE for pets to pest control to people. Most people know nothing about this wonderful product but you will catch her passion for all the many green and safe uses. With great informational books like this one, maybe some day everyone will have DE in their garage and medicine cabinets instead of harmful chemicals and drugs. Thanks Tui for a much needed and past due instruction manual on this God given natural product." Larry Smith, president, Earthworkshealth.com


Book Excerpt


CHAPTER ONE: What On Earth Is Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Where Does It Come From, & How Does it Work?
*The Story Of An Ancient Treasure For Modern Health Benefits.

CHAPTER TWO: How To Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) & The Benefits As A Safer & Healthier Home & Garden Insecticide:
* 20 Novelty Home Uses For DE: Deodorizer, Cleaner, Absorbent, Preservative.
* Careful Housekeeping Keeps Bugs Away.
* Application Methods—How & Where To Apply DE.
* A-Z Plants To Treat With Natural DE Insecticide.
* A-Z Bugs To Treat With Natural DE Insecticide.
* Anecdotal Success Stories By DE Users For The Home & Garden:
* Mobile Home Park,
* Cockroaches,
* Rose Aphids,
* Flea Free Puppies,
* Brown Dog Tick.

CHAPTER THREE: How To Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) & The Benefits In Grain Storage For Humans & Animals:
* Practical Tips For Preventing Weevil Infestation In Grains.
* How To Protect Whole Grains, Seeds, Nuts, Legumes, Ground Flours From Bugs In: 1-lb, 1-quart, 25-lb, 100-lb, 1-ton Containers.
* How To Insect-Proof Entire Grain Warehouses With DE.
* Other Tips For Storing Grains Using DE.
* What To Look For On DE Grain Labels.
* Anecdotal Comments Supporting DE’s Success Protecting Grains, Seeds:
* DE Treated Grain: Keeps Sweet, Mold-Free, Lasts Longer.
* DE Prevents Big Grain Losses, Reduces Bills, & Increases Profits.

CHAPTER FOUR: How To Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) In Agriculture:
1) Animal Farms, Ranches, Kennels & Trade Shows:
* DE Uses As An Anti-Parasitic, Animal Nutritional Supplement.
* Animal Health Booster, Anti-Caking Agent Or Feed Additive.
* Analysis Of The 14 Trace Minerals In DE & How Animals Benefit.
* Anecdotal Success Stories By Animal Owners Supporting Benefits Using DE For Cows, Steers, Horses, Sheep, & Pigs:
* No Bugs, * No Internal Parasites Or Worms, * No Organ Damage, * No Colic, Less Flies, Larvae & Odor, * No Scours, * No Vet Bills, * No Toxic Residues In Meat & Milk, * No Mastitis, * No Yellow Mucus After Calving, * Better Animal Growth, * Better Health, * Shinier Eyes & Coats, * More Milk & Butterfat, * Better Mobility, * More Contented Animals, * Drier Mangers, * A Farmer Identifies Proper Doses Of DE For Animals.
2) Bird Farms: Anecdotal Success Stories By Users Of DE For Birds.
* Chickens Hatch More Eggs & Keep Their Feathers On.
* Chickens Survive 75 percent Less Deaths.
* No Lice, Gnats, Ants, Ticks & Fleas On Ostriches.
* Reduced Odor & Bugs In Bird Manure.
* DE Saves Money & Man Hours In Bird Pens.
3) Crops & Orchards:
* DE As A Natural Soil Amender, Fertilizer, Non-Toxic Plant Booster.
* No Shock Setback.
* Electrostatic Ionizers Tips To Make DE Stick To Plants.
* Codling Moths.
* Twig Borer.
* Wormy Fruit & Tree Moths.
* Timing And Knowledge Of Pests Improves Successive Applications.
* Anecdotal Success Stories By Users Of Diatomaceous Earth On Crops & Orchards:
* Better Crop Dusting,
* University Whitefly Tests,
* Cabbage Looper Worms,
* Wooly Worms,
* DE Cheaper & More Efficient Than Chemicals,
* Cotton Grew Higher Without Pink Bollworms,
* Red-Pine Sawfly Stands No Chance Against DE,
* Commercial Scale Success With DE On Apple Orchard,
* An Orchardist’s Success Story For Treating Fruit Trees With DE.

CHAPTER FIVE: Application Tools & Methods For DE Success.
* Novelty DE Applicators,
* Leaf Blower,
* Puffer/Squirt Bottle,
* Pest Pistol,
* Tube Duster,
* Hand-Crank Dust Applicator,
* Hose-End Sprayer,
* Aeration Fan,
* Backpack Unit,
* Sandblasting Gun,
* Tractor Mounted Sprayer Unit, * How To Make & Use DE As A Liquid Spray (Slurry),
* Electrostatic Ionizer Spray Units—Commercial Benefits & Profits.

CHAPTER SIX: Diatomaceous Earth (DE) For Human Health & Beauty Benefits: New Interest & Research In Human Ingestion:
* The Growing Public Interest & Demand For DE In Human Supplements.
* Favorable Scientific Studies Emerge For The Role Of Silicon Dioxide In The Human Body,
* Diatomaceous Earth Used In Medicine To Treat E.coli,
* The Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth For Eliminating Intestinal Parasites,
* How Do Parasites Enter Our Body?
* How Does Diatomaceous Earth Work As An Anti-Parasitic?
* Detoxifying & Cleansing The Colon With Diatomaceous Earth
* Precautions For Ingesting DE,
* Other Interesting Facts About Diatomaceous Earth For Humans--Diatomaceous Earth’s Role In The Cosmetic & Beauty Industry DE As An Anti-Wrinkle Defying Cream, * DE In Facial Cleansing Masks, * DE In Exfoliating Facial Scrubs.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Health Risks Linked to Chemical Insecticides: Medical, Scientific & Journal Reports of Illnesses & Diseases Caused By Chemical Toxins & Why Diatomaceous Earth Is Safer:
* The World Health Organization (WHO): Children at High Risk
* National Poison Prevention Week Council: 90% of Poisonings occur in the Home,
* Common Symptoms Of Exposure To Toxic Pesticides.
* Pesticide Action Network (PAN): School Governor Suffers Numbness After Head Lice Treatment,
* Newsweek: What’s Killing The Frogs?
* The Lymphoma Foundation Of America (LFA): Do Pesticides Cause Lymphoma?
* Doctors Training Session On Chemical Toxins In Children,
* The Grand Rapids Press: Federal Study To Measure Pollution In People,
* Optimal Wellness Center: Pesticides Linked To Miscarriage, * Environmental Science & Technology: Study Finds Toxic Soup In Household Air & Dust,
* Carpets Harbor Toxic Dust,
* The Discovery Health Channel: Toxic Legacies-—Examining The Endocrine Question,
* American Cancer Society: Lymphoma & Children Exposed To Pesticides,
* PANUPS (Pesticide Action Network Updates Service): New Reports Find Pesticides In People,
* Scottish Scientists Link Certain Pesticides To Childhood Leukemia,
* PANUPS: Organic Foods & Fewer Body Chemicals,
* National Post: Pesticide Poisoning Passes To Grandchildren,
* Cancer: It’s A Growth Industry: Dr. Samuel Epstein, MD,
* Multiple Chemical Sensitivities & Childhood Cancer,
* Globe And Mail: Pesticides Laced With Unlabelled Substances,
* The Secret Hazards Of Pesticides—Inert Ingredients: The New York State Of The Attorney General Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA),
*The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) On Testing & Approval,
* The Grand Rapids Press: Most Chemicals Have Not Been Tested For Toxicity Effects On Humans,
* PBS: Trade Secrets,
* PBS Now: Kids & Chemicals,
* Micheal J. Fox Foundation: Pesticide Exposure Associated With Parkinson’s Disease,
* UK Independent: Government Orders An Inquiry Into Pesticide Links To Parkinson’s Disease,
* UK: The House Of Commons Parliamentary Hearing On Symptoms Of Pesticide Poisoning & Parkinson’s,
* New York Times On Parkinson’s,
* Center For Disease Control: Study Finds Side Effects From Natural Or Synthetic Pyrethrins & Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO),
* Pesticides & Panic Attacks,
* A Simple Home Checklist For Child Safety.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Safety Precautions: Important Things To Know When Choosing & Using Diatomaceous Earth:
* Safety In Moderation,
* Dust Mask & Goggles Are Recommended When Applying DE,
* The Vital Importance Of Selection: Choosing the Right DE for the Right Job,
* The Importance Of Avoiding The Use Of Industrial Grade Crystalline Silica,
* A Caution About Additives In DE,
* What To Look For On Labels When Buying DE,
* Is The DE Legally Registered? The EPA, The Department Of Agriculture,
* What To Look For On The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS),
* What You Need To Know About the Health Hazards of High Crystalline Silica,
* How To Identify Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth,
* Other Anomalies To Consider.

* Bibliography,
* Index,
* Invitation To The Reader,
* Other Upcoming Books By Tui Rose


About the Author

Tui Rose RN

Tui Rose RN., as a concerned mother and registered nurse interested in healthy living, family and pet health, and environmental safety, could not find a book anywhere in the USA or indeed anywhere in the world on this far safer alternative Diatomaceous Earth(DE) for safer consumer use as an alternative to toxic chemical insecticides. So Tui felt compelled to write a book herself on this topic to fill the literary void. What pleasantly surprised Tui was just how multi-faceted DE happens to be with its many uses other than as a safer natural insecticide. As Tui rubbed the powder dry between her fingers over a tarnished silver spoon, the black film almost instantly lifted to reveal a shine faster than any commercial silver polish could muster. When she wrote on a paper towel with a magic marker and the ink bled through onto the cream kitchen counter-top, DE came to her rescue as a light abrasive just like comet or ajax.

DE banished refrigerator and vacuum cleaner bag odor just as good as baking soda, and soaked up vehicle oil leaks from the car on the driveway and in the garage. In the summer of 2007 in the inhumane Texas heat, carpenter ants headed for water up a veranda pole into the attic of the author's house making headway to her bathroom—until Tui squirted them with a blast of DE from a squeezy mustard bottle with a pop up nozzle. Almost instantly they dropped away and died diminished by dehydration to half their size. Fireant mounds that popped up alongside a paving stone pathway went hard and uninhabitable to the ants within two days. The ants would no longer be around to sting her through open toe sandals if she accidently kicked the mound again while walking home in the dark. Tui eased the itchy bite marks with a paste made of DE and a drop of water over 3-4 days.

In 2008 during the worst Winter snow storm in Wisconsin history, a helpful neighbor left a scratch on the hood of the author's car with a snow shovel. Much to Tui's amazement the very long scratch mark came off by gently rubbing it with a small amount of DE on a 1-inch area of a dampened wash cloth. By Autumn 2009 when the leaves turned various sunset shades and fluttered to the woods floor on a walk through a civil war field in Virginia, Tui preserved their vibrant color before fading, and even preserved a rose.

The author never ceases to be amazed at the multiple built-in bonuses contained within the scope and purpose for DE, which she shares.

Many readers write to Tui and say how much they love, love, love her book. They share tips of their own all the interesting things they are doing with DE themselves, many of which will appear in future editions. So Tui's book is going to keep on growing with new tips to add to the wealth of practical information she gathers over many more years to come. Excited users are always welcome to send her their tips.

Tui Rose is currently working on three other books to be published later 2011 entitled: Green & Thrifty Home Cleaning Handy Hints; Green & Thrifty Gardening Handy Hints; and Cat-Chat & Dog-Blog Pet Care Guide For New Pets & New Owners.