God Keeps F*#$ing With Me

by Obsydian Butterfly


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God Keeps F*#$ing With Me

You and I have been there. God has tested us. He has taken us to that place where we have said “Why me?” Obsydian Butterfly takes you through experiences, events, and challenging moments that are jaw-dropping and just astonishing. Unapologetically Obsydian’s words walk you into every personal event, with emotion and passion. You are right there with her. Napoleon Hill states in his bestselling book Think and Grow Rich, fear of what others may think is the reason why so many people never try in order to succeed. Obsydian abandons that fear of what the others think in order to revisit and tell her story. Walk with her page by page as a little girl, woman, wife, and Marine, and you will understand why she asks Why is God F*#$ing with me?

Luke Wright Motivational speaker, leadership coach, and author


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Obsydian Butterfly

Obsydian Butterfly has lived through extraordinary events in the course of her life that often knocked her to her knees. Nevertheless, she continued to get back up and keep striving for her own mental, emotional, and physical survival. The numerous obstacles she has endured have manifested in a desire to help others who might be tempted to succumb to their individual trials and circumstances.For anyone who has the oportunity to meet this Lady Leatherneck understand, as Lemmie Battles sang, every time you look at her “You’re Looking at a Miracle.”