Ginny's Adventures

Little Ginny

by Mark F. Gomolski


Book Details

Believe in goodness again through the adventures of a little girl.

Times are sad and seem hopeless to most. But Ginny does not feel that way. Ginny is a happy child who see’s only the best in life and people. The world of imagination is where Ginny lives in. Each day is a day of wonder. Now with snow on the ground, is a time to play by building snowmen, building snow houses, going sledding, having snowball fights and making snow angels. Icicles hang from the branches of trees and from the roofs of the houses glistening like crystals in the sunlight. Winter time is so magical. Follow Ginny through these times as she begins her adventures.


Book Excerpt

Morning began to dawn and the rays of the winter sun began to shine into Ginny's bedroom. Slowly she began to wake. She was nice and warm under the quilted blankets that covered her and Evelyn. Ginny and Evelyn shared the small bed in their room and the heat from the stove had gone out during the night so the air in the room was brisk.


About the Author

Mark F. Gomolski

Mark F. Gomolski has lived in Chicago most of his life. He grew up on the far southeast side of the city in an area surrounded by steel mills. He lives in Hegewisch which is a working blue collar community. He has worked in the public sector all his life and has touched a lot of lives with his heart warming stories. He is now beginning to share these stories to help young people see that there is still good in this world. Through these stories of a child (Ginny) we can relive simpler times, but also learn lessons in life that are still important for today’s young people.