Gershwin's Last Waltz and Other Stories

by Frank Frost


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An Old Photograph Reveals a Priceless Treasure

A henpecked senior citizen buys his own brothel in the desert … A master chef becomes too well known … A school bus full of kids visits the wrong rabbit farm … An American in Provence decides to steal an olive tree … In normal life, ordinary citizens can make slight detours from the straight and narrow. Not so in the zany existential stories of FRANK FROST, a master of haywire roller-coaster fiction. These tales are full of dire and hilarious consequences. And don’t think you know where the clever plots are going—you will find your GPS recalculating!


About the Author

Frank Frost

Frank Frost is professor emeritus of Ancient Greek History and Archaeology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is also a cook, a working jazz pianist, a former rugby player, and novelist. The Los Angeles Times Book Review listed his novel Dead Philadelphians among the best fiction of 1999: “wonderfully taut, flexible prose, not a word wasted … a compulsive page-turner.” His Greek Society has been in print for 45 years, through five editions, and still pays royalties. Frank and his wife Amanda split their time between Santa Barbara and Provence, where he is compiling a cookbook.



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