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Do you trust modern medicine? Should you?

Genocide Jab includes the deep research of eight well-known medical doctors, a constitutional lawyer, a food scientist, two patent experts, a German chemist, a Spanish biostatistician, and a high-level biotech analyst who has worked for decades in the pharmaceutical industry with companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. World war is not just on the way. This is no simulation. It is here. Today’s threat is real, making Genocide Jab critically important for widely exposing uncomfortable truths. This book is not about politics; instead, it puts the evidence before you, showing how we are all participants in this conflict that continues the struggle of good against evil, life versus death. Many have woken up to the threat, but a large portion of the masses are still unaware, leaving themselves open to avoidable ill health and worse. This drains funds from families who send their savings to insurance and drug companies, doctors, and hospitals; infirmity that slowly bleeds them dry, after which the population controllers achieve their ultimate goal—taking us out over time, while not being able to pin it on them. The covert battle happening right now is billions of honorable, average people against a relatively small group of world-controlling depopulationists. A great poisoning is the real pandemic. It’s us or them. Please join the fight. When your children and grandchildren ask: “What were you doing as global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world?” What will be your answer?


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John Michael Chambers

After a successful career founding a financial advisory firm with six locations, John Michael Chambers formed the Save America Foundation in 2009 and launched a radio program. At the same time, as a songwriter, he penned over forty songs, many spiritual and patriotic. More recently, John created American Media Periscope (AMP), a broadcasting company and digital-news network that has grown to over six million views per month, and is watched in over thirty countries across more than twenty online platforms. Our world is starving for a return to an impartial media that digs deeply for the truth and reports it without censorship. John’s network is providing that. AMP is a media partner with General Michael Flynn and Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour, which has been holding large, monthly, sold-out events all over the US. John is a popular platform speaker on that tour, joining Eric Trump, General Michael Flynn, the Frontline Doctors, and many other patriots and professionals who are working to wake Americans up to the tyrannical, criminal organization that has been controlling much of the world for decades, and in many ways, even hundreds of years. John is also the author of the 2017, five-star-rated book Trump and the Resurrection of America, and has written over four hundred articles. In this world of de-platforming, de-banking, censoring, and cancelling, he recently created an extremely successful “Patriot Monetization Program” that financially supports and empowers patriot influencers across America. John is helping spearhead the battle to resurrect America and redirect humanity toward average, honorable people being able to live long, healthy lives and keep the vast majority of what their hard work has earned; rather than continue to have their wealth confiscated by a relatively small club of genocidal, billionaire families whose well-paid, saboteur henchmen have been strategically and stealthily placed throughout all areas of American and world leadership. John’s regular reassurance to his freedom-minded audiences is this: We are in an intelligence battle and information war. We don’t know what we don’t know—there are psyops upon psyops. But we are winning and everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. So hold the line patriots, and continue to fight for what’s right—God is on our side! Please visit John and AMP at

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