Gender Values

A Proposal of Marriage in a Bottle

by Roy Michael Blakely


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Leaving no doubt to prosper by assumption, realizing AGOPA

Just as Inspiration is not a gift of our own choosing, neither is it a fixture of any one persons’ character for serving others, that can fulfill marriage-for-sex to the successful exclusion of all others by presence or imagination. Given that happiness is not a right from which to rule another, and joy is not a tax given by others, from which to purchase happiness, inspiration then must be free of all censorship and bias to endow us with the realization of Gender Values. That freedom can only be achieved, by putting to rest the idealism that would have us struggle with God’s design of our being-as if it were a threat to our conscience, so that we may embrace the full “bloom” of our existence, upon a faith that exceeds the value of our knowing. As such, the virtue of sexual affection is as a phoenix (a bird of red and gold plumage) that continues to live in the clarity of perfect love, rising above the worth of its former self as a greater answer to embrace for the greater awareness and extension of romantic love.


Book Excerpt

GENDER VALUES…a proposal of marriage in a bottle We are all little pieces of God, without a memory of who we were before Earthly birth, as we all are given a chance to live in our Earthly bodies, to discover the individuals God has allowed us to become of our own choosing. What a wonderful gift of love we all have to receive, if we but just have the faith to inquire of our gender, to experience the value of being human, to love beyond ourselves and illuminate our divine origin with character and trust as our answer to life.

With the clarity of my passion, I live to remove doubt within and for whom I am with. This is the heart of AGOPA…Affection Gains Omnipotence Purifying Awareness. The affection begins with Gender Values.
My own experience with honesty has revealed to me, that the biggest journey of all-that we are all on, is the exploration of ourselves for happiness‘ sake, against our own individual hypocrisies. I have found hypocrisy to be like a bacteria or virus that claims our ignorance with arrogance through living, when we lack the discipline of self vigilance . By arrogance, I mean a lack of honor for truth over pride-assumption-rumor-indifference-or pretense. By vigilance I mean not allowing ones arrogance to overrule ones conscience, or not allowing impotent beliefs our ignorance to overrule truth when it is to ones self, evident.

Regular As a discipline, self vigilance is a learning experience, which makes forgiveness so important. Not from others so much as from ourselves. As a learning experience, we must believe in ourselves independent of our peers, that we have the courage to change against beliefs that have been rendered impotent by truth evident, if only to ones self. To do otherwise, is to be sanctimonious arrogance choosing hypocrisy. Sanctimony is a danger to all by ones’ habit of pain, because there is nothing anyone can do to render the choice of arrogance a verdict of conscience over pride, or a virtue of love over indifference. Such is the kind of person to whom truth matters not, a liar at heart who will find malice for all in their path who do not worship that same pride and indifference that marks ego as their only means for respect.


Trust recognizes sex as the expression of joy by intimacy and orgasm, that validates with affection the power of meaning to give, not an enforcer of love on a budget between two in marriage.

That validation doesn’t question marriage with the value of others, because self worth does not accommodate sex as a source of affection from which to love.

The value you inherit for the worth of your own joy to answer your needs, is the product of the affection, given what family-friendship-marriage-and faith accepts as the price of honor for what you are to them, to pay you with love . That love is either placated upon idealism for the inevitability of betrayal-or-met with honor upon liberty for the fulfillment of a Trust, depending on what family-friendship-marriage-and faith accepts as the price of honor for its meaning. That price of honor is defined by what affection is allowed to provide, given the individual as a worth to answer our needs with the value of our lives. It all comes down to what we believe in. Growth is the worth in the broadening of awareness inherent of Gender Values, and not by its confinement when detained with the bias of gender differences. Without Gender Values to address the foundation of self worth for the joy of our affection in family-friendship-marriage-and faith, our worth by God’s design will not survive against the decadence in the human condition, defining Man’s inhumanity to Man.

Without a meaningful relevance to you, no joke can make you laugh … no book can inspire your mind … and no relationship can inspire your Heart. Given your choice to read this book, the meaningful relevance of Gender Values to you will be realized upon your grasp of AGOPA from the first to the last page. Dismissing or denying choices is not what makes anyone strong-moral-or happy, which is why vows-contracts-and relationships are betrayed. What makes anyone strong-moral-and happy is their own meaningful relevance finding reflections to build trust in, to live-laugh-and love beyond doubt. About my book Gender Values - a proposal of marriage in a bottle…

I originally wrote it so that when I find myself dating a woman I am mutually attracted to, I could give the book to her to read. The purpose in doing this, would be to reveal all of my Heart-mind-and soul to her by my faith, that she would know first of all that what I share with her is truth, and not just made up to seduce her into marriage for my own pleasure. Secondly, the book would give her the opportunity to weigh her own faith with mine, so she could conclude for herself whether we are a compatible match for true love, beyond any inadequate infatuation that too commonly has two horny people getting married, just so they could get divorced later when they have had enough of dealing with what they do not like they couldn‘t see of each other when dating.

I am a very spiritual man who knows that God is omnipresent … omnipotent … omniscient … and all loving, and once lived on earth as a man named Jesus of Nazareth, so that he could show all of humankind of their Creator, and offer all of us eternal life upon our faith in his blood atonement that redeems us of our lies, for our return in spirit to the Divine. I am not religious. As a spiritual person, I have had many spiritual experiences throughout my life, including those I receive with lucid dreaming. The experience I had with one such dream, was being tapped on the shoulder and overwhelmed with the knowledge that I was to publish my book. I have done so.

“Why should I be interested in reading a book all about someone else‘s love for a woman, and it isn‘t a romance novel?”, is a question many might ask of such a book. My honesty as a human being, and the inspiration I received while writing it, allows for an understanding that many lack and are in search of to live for love and be loved. The understanding offered by the book, as it is easy to grasp when read patiently and sincerely, reveals why we suffer so as we reach out to love and be loved. That understanding of “why”, is enough for those honest with themselves, to step out of their despair enough to find a true sense of happiness and joy romantically, that is otherwise lost to the individuals own capacity for being petty and dishonest. I am sharing my Heart with the world, so perhaps the few can further realize and know they are not alone, and by that faith their marriage can be cherished instead of raped over time!

Who am I that I should know such things?? I am an honest man. That honesty reveals the Heart of being human beyond the petty and dishonest concerns too many don‘t see in the mirror for their own faith.

Spiritual truth is not hard to see for those with an honest eye, but it can be difficult to accept for those feeling inadequate with themselves for what ever reason, that an honest mind can begin to rescue ones own Heart to further embrace such truth to love and be loved.

The Heart of Naturism


About the Author

Roy Michael Blakely

Roy Michael Blakely being the divorced father of 5 sons, and having fulfilled his heart-felt duty to raise his sons as a single parent, now seeks the joy of marriage in the mutual embrace of Gender Values. This is the first of his 5 books he hopes will inspire all generations with their truth in Gender Values. He was born in Indianapolis Indiana, and currently resides in Reno Nevada. He is seeking a future residence that is affiliated with the AANR. He’s been writing since the age of 15, and has many passions. He welcomes correspondence.


Roy Michael Blakely

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