The Olympias and the Oleos

The Mighty Georgia Peaches

by "E"


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“The Mighty Georgia Peaches”

When things got tough in Georgia, the parents of Jep and June had to leave their children with their grandfather. One night having no batteries for their computer games, no iPads and no flat screen TV, they are left only with grandpa. So they convince him to tell them a story. Reluctantly, he agrees and to their great surprise, they are amazed and captivated hanging on to his every word. “Through some Magic of the Ages, in an empty peach orchard, long ago, a lone peach tree produces peaches that come to life. The peaches are wondering how they are going to free themselves from the Ancient Tree. However, on the fourth of July, inspired by the sound of fireworks in the wind, they come up with a plan”....


About the Author


The Author is retired from the North Carolina State University System, and a graduate of the State University System of New York. He also attended the Armstrong Atlantic University Graduate School in Savannah Georgia.