From the Realms of Darkness

Into the Dwelling of Eternal Darkness

by Wilbert St. Ange


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Woe for the land, the Evil at hand is distress—

It is the governing, universal law of both spiritual forces, the Light or the Darkness, that if an innocent mortal fall prey of either side, a sanction from the Light or a pact from the Darkness can be offered to that victim bloodline. The chosen mortal will adorn unnatural powers and fight for the cause of Light or for the Darkness. The dark ages of torment, unyielding darkness, spiritual battles, and sacrificial deaths, crimson tears—the age of evil dominions has dissented upon humanity. Such times marked the beginning of the world’s end. As the time of the final war draws ever so nigh—born amidst the fury and flames—heroes and heroines of the Light and of the Darkness, emerge. This present darkness, the universe, still ruled by supernatural Kings and Princes, Demon Warriors of Power with great magnitude. Their immorality and malevolence blanket humanity in a cold, crimson, deadly embrace. Many are continually called, however; few are chosen to become Light Warriors, Keepers, and Protectors of the Light and for what’s right. Many failed in some places and many are not worthy to take on such honors. Woe for the land, the evil at hand is distress—thus forth the presence darkness rapidly approaching.


About the Author

Wilbert St. Ange

Wilbert St. Ange, is a God fearing man who has answered the warrior’s call to become a Light Warrior, Keeper, and Protector of the Light and for what’s right.