From Grime to Glory

A Journey Through Self-Discovery

by Nisa Nubian


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Discover the Victory of Love in Every Relationship

Relationships are at the center of everything we do. But when a relationship is established amongst the chaos of unresolved personal issues, we can become entangled in negative patterns of thinking and living, creating a cycle of misery. In From Grime to Glory, Nisa Nubian shares her personal journey into a life with God to illustrate how to: Break the bad habits that control your life Explore uncharted territories of the heart, love, and life Release what you no longer need Find a true sense of self Learn how to relate to the world around you It’s difficult to express love when you don’t fully understand what it is. It’s even worse to misconstrue love and let it become something detrimental to your well-being. In From Grime to Glory, the author examines the various aspects of love—those we are familiar with and those that many have no idea exist—then gently guides us on a trail of exploration that can open big avenues for self-discovery. Each chapter will inspire you to see life through a different lens, opening your heart and your mind and providing the enlightenment of undiscovered truths about relationships.


About the Author

Nisa Nubian

NISA NUBIAN grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended the Pentecostal Theology University in Atlanta and graduated with honors, then went on to become an interfaith teacher at an all-Muslim school. She later taught at other Christian faith academies and at several universities. A single mother of three beautiful children, Nisa overcame many obstacles while working full time and attending graduate school to earn her master’s in education. After working 15 years as an educator, she decided to fulfill her calling to share whatever God placed in her heart through From Grime to Glory.