Free Hugs

It's More Than A Campaign - It's A Lifestyle

by David Melia


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Ten Reasons Why You Want To Buy My Book

10) You are curious about how the small simple act of a hug can change a life, and potentially even the world. 9) You want to share a special hug with a friend but you don't know which type of hug you should share. This book will guide you in your quest for the perfect hug. 8) You want to know more about my free hugs project and hugging endeavors. 7) You can't possibly think about how duct tape and free hugs relate so you want to get this book to find out. 6) You want to give away free hugs but need some information about Free Hugs in order to start. This book is a great source for all information Free Hugs. 5) You have no idea how Free Hugging can be a lifestyle. Well guess what folks, it is. How? Get the book to find out! 4) You share hugs with your friends every day but you don't know what type of hugs they are. Find out in this awesomely amazing book and even come up with some ideas for your own types of hugs!! 3) You think I am crazy for having a dream of becoming a Professional Free Hugger, so you want to buy a copy to show all your friends how crazy this weirdo is who thinks that he can make a living giving away free hugs. 2) You want to support me in my journey to spread peace, love, and happiness throughout the world through the simple act of giving away a hug. 1) You never knew there were 4 stages in the hugging process. Heck you didn't even know there was a process to giving a hug!


About the Author

David Melia

David was born in Chicago in 1993. He started giving away free hugs in 2007 during the height of the Free Hugs Campaign and has been giving them away ever since. He currently is studying Entrepreneurship and Philosophy at Depaul University in Chicago and working on free hugs projects and his duct tape business Duck Duct Dave. His dream job is to be a Professional Free Hugger.