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Al Vitters has devoted his life to leading organizations, teaching leadership at every level along the way, and refining leadership theory at every turn. He is a master at bridging the gap between “Theory” and “Practice,” and this book illustrates that skill. This work will assist leaders everywhere as they face the significant challenge of developing their organizations while achieving their goals and building confidence within the members of the team. He brings meaning to organizational efforts, developing the skills and talents of team members, and infusing within the people on the team a sound basis of ethics—all while closing the gap between “Knowing” and “Doing.” Al Vitters brings all that together in a marvelous book.
—Mike Shaler, President, Steamboat Leadership Institute, Steamboat Springs, CO

As an outstanding platoon leader and company commander in combat in Vietnam, Al knows how to motivate and build high-performing teams. As a scholar, he presents this subject matter well by linking leadership theory to practice under the most stressful conditions of a battlefield.
—Chuck Gantner, former infantry platoon leader who served with the author in the Americal Division

Alan’s book is a vital source of leadership ideas that will resonate with a wide audience, from C-level to those just starting their careers.
—Paul Facella, former NY Regional VP of McDonald’s Corp.

Dr. Vitters’s writings are a straight line for me. I realized very quickly that the flow of the work, while richly researched, had a lot of common sense, or what appeared to be common sense. Actually, it represents a lifetime of paying close attention to the topic that has become his expertise.
—Ernest (Ernie) Fazio, Chairman of the Board, Long Island Metro Business Action

In life, we all travel different paths. The same is true for business. The one constant part about our path is that each of us has different skills to negotiate that path. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of books whose authors offer ideas about how to improve your chances for success. Professor and Colonel Vitters has walked many different paths and acquired substantial skills and experience along those paths. It’s an old cliché, but he has indeed “walked the talk.” Life is about making decisions and having the skills and personal motivation to make those decisions successful. There is a plethora of concepts here for one to choose and follow through with the ideas he has clearly and intelligently illustrated.
—Fred Johnson, LTC, USA (Ret.) and retired CEO of The Credit Union Executives Society

This book includes wisdom from the 20th century that is still most relevant in the 21st century.
—Barry R. McCaffrey, General USA (Ret)


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Leaders, face new issues and challenges with confidence!

In this time of rapid social and technological change "FORESIGHT" is a critical leadership characteristic.Vision helps leaders plan for the future, but foresight enables them to deal with inevitable future changes. Foresight can be developed through critical thinking, questioning biases and assumptions, looking from the outside in, and proactive, intentional anticipation. "FORESIGHT- LEADERSHIP LESSONS FOR THE 21st CENTURY" shares lessons and insights- some classical and some cutting edge on this critical yet undervalued trait of effective leadership.

FORESIGHT highlights concepts, theories, cases and examples derived from the social and behavioral sciences and applies them to leadership qualities required in modern times. It is designed for current and aspiring leaders from all walks of life- business, the military, first responders, and other service-oriented volunteers and workers. It is written for front-line supervisors, middle managers, executives, and students of leadership and management. Ultimately, the book is designed to help YOU make a difference in YOUR organization as an effective, forward -thinking leader. The book is divided into 3-parts- INDIVIDUAL COMPETENCE- (Management Basics, Problem-solving & Decision-making, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Motivation, Stress ,Learning; GROUP PROCESSES- (High Performing Teams, Diversity and Multi-generational Teams) and ORGANIZATION DYNAMICS- (Strategy, Organization Culture, Organization Development/ Effectivesness (OD/OE), Organization Conflict and Innovation, Ethics and Social Responsibility,and Organization Design). The book includes in-text citations and extensive References that facilitate and encourage readers to venture deeper in their leadership/ management discovery


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Alan G. Vitters

AL Vitters was born in Brooklyn and raised in Northport (LI) NY. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) in 1968 and served in the US Army for 24-years before retiring as a Colonel. He was assigned to command and staff positions including 2- combat tours in Vietnam, 4- years in Germany, and a year in Panama. He served on the faculty at West Point with the Dept. of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership. He holds MS and PhD degrees from the University of Utah and has taught management-related courses for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the University of North Florida, and more recently at St. Joseph’s College. He has conducted and published research in the areas of leadership, motivation theory, and organization change and development. He and his wife Kathy have 1-son, a daughter-in-law, and 3- grand-children. They enjoy travel, the theater, and contributing to local civic and veteran’s groups. They currently reside in Ft. Salonga, NY.

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