The Footprints of the Atoms

A New Paradigm for the Origin of Life

by Alfredo Archilla


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Is Life what we think it is?

This book presents a new paradigm for the origin of Life on Earth by introducing the atomic definition of life and comparing it to the traditional organic meaning of life.

It searches for the carbon-based origin of life, makes a detailed logical evaluation of the Intelligent Design hypothesis, and explains why it is a valid scientific hypothesis that needs an improved argument.

It challenges the random environmental condition of the abiogenesis hypotheses as a viable one to explain the presence of the carbon-based cell compared to the biogenesis reproduction process.

It introduces a new definition for the information concept to support two deductive reasoning arguments that infer the past existence of an intelligent entity as the responsible cause for the emergence of carbon-based cells and their genetic information.

Amongst other topics, it discusses in detail the practical use of Karl Popper’s falsifiability concept. It introduces a new definition of existence to help us find Bertrand Russell’s teapot orbiting between Earth and Mars and demystify the wrong notion that we cannot prove a negative. It also explains why the Explanatory Power of a hypothesis used in the philosophy of science is not a practical comparison tool for choosing the best possible explanation between competing hypotheses.

Finally, it reviews evolution’s vital role as a cause in the same line of actions as the emergence of the carbon-based cell for the presence and complexity of Earth’s carbon-based living entities. And ultimately challenges future generations to look for the origins of life at the atomic level in the structure and functionality of the carbon-based cells.


About the Author

Alfredo Archilla

Alfredo Archilla is a UPR-RUM graduate with a BSEE and over 30 years of experience delivering automated hardware and software architecture solutions to the manufacturing industries. As a result, he developed a particular interest and knowledge in understanding our logical reasoning processes, which are the foundation used to write this book. He is retired and lives in Charlotte, NC, with his lovely wife Carmen, where he spends most of his writing about the things of our observed reality.

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