More Stories from the Author of Shed Jesus

by Michael David Baswell


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More Stories from the Author of Shed Jesus

Flickering is a collection of stories from the author of Shed Jesus. These stories capture humorous and other challenges encountered while growing up and living in the South. They have been shared among friends and family. Hopefully these stories will remind readers that you can deal with just about anything. You have to make up your mind to do it. Michael hopes you can relate to the challenges described in Flickering.


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Michael David Baswell

Michael David Baswell grew up in Alabama and currently lives in Birmingham. He enjoys writing about family and friendships and how those relationships are created from paths already taken. Some we can no longer see or touch. We can still experience them in our recollections and retelling of happy, sorrowful, loving and even complicated times. We must recognize and place a high value on the gifts of love we have been given. We should also remain open to the possibility of new relationships with those we meet on the paths we have yet to take.

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