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Coaching Principles for Your Life, Health, and Spiritual Well-Being

In Finding Your Balance, author Teri Seiler takes the principles she uses as a health and wellness coach and applies them to the health and wellness of your soul. This book was written for:

• Those who need spiritual coaching
• Those who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or out of balance
• Those who want to embrace a different way of looking at life
• Those who feel stuck and just can’t seem to go where they want to go
• And those who simply want to strengthen their spiritual walk with the greatest coach out there—God!

With Finding Your Balance, you'll begin to see life from a much different perspective.  A perspective that will move you toward living your best life. A life where you can finally release the clutter in your soul; restore purpose to your days; reclaim joy to your spirit and regain balance in your life.


Book Excerpt

I COULDN'T DO this anymore. My breaks in between classes needed to be used for grading; for studying my scores and planning for upcoming concerts; for lesson planning or studying scripts or simply attending to the myriad of other duties I found myself on a deadline for. I tried my best to suppress the foreboding tears that waited close to the surface to be summoned and spilled at a moment's notice, but to no avail.
     I rushed into the inner chamber of my choir room - a place that had become a refuge for me when these waves of emotion threatened to expose themselves in front of my students or the staff. I quietly and very intentionally shut the doors, as always, so no one would hear my sobs. And, although those doors served their intended purpose of temporarily hiding my pain from others, I am so grateful they failed to separate me from Jesus, the one that was there that day, collecting every tear.
     Through my desperation of soul, I had lost sight of the fact that there was someone who could still hear me. Someone who saw every hopeless tear I shed, felt every emotion I could no longer restrain, and heard every unspoken plea of my heart. But none of that was in my consciousness that day. I felt very alone, and God felt very far away.


About the Author

Teri K. Seiler

Teri K. Seiler is a Christian health and wellness coach who has served as a chaplain, music teacher, and worship pastor. Today she is working as a coach for people who are struggling with the effects of stress and overwhelm, helping them to find balance and health in their lives. She has found coaching to be a rewarding complement to her love for ministry.