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Five brothers (Kye, Jye, Gabriel, John James, and Ty) were sold when they were less than a year old. When they were 5-years-old, they started working as servants. When they were 8, they were rescued by a detective (Michael). Michael adopted the brothers. He loved them deeply and was very protective. All the brothers struggled to get used to their new lives. Ty struggled the most. Years later, the brothers are found by their biological family. They have Michael and their original family.


About the Author

Selena Millman

Selena Millman was born in Cleveland Ohio. She started writing because of her overflowing imagination. Writing started as a hobby. Years later, it meant so much more. Her favorite part of writing is the characters. She mostly writes fiction but has written some poetry, lyrics, and children’s books. Selena has books published on that are available on Amazon. As her love for the Lord has grown, she has started adding Bible Scriptures into her writing.