Finally an Answer

by Joanne Calcagno


Book Details

A young girl’s quest to find out “Why am I different? What is wrong with me? Is there any hope for me? Help me find an answer?”

Finally an Answer is a book about Laurie Martin’s search for the burning question of what makes her different from others throughout her life from fourth grade until she enters college and finds that answer. She learns by various experiences she has a mental illness which she must control for her future.


Book Excerpt

I of course was not aware of what I did and told her that the food was too hot. There I was going again copying people and thinking what they did was a signal for me to do something else. Why do I do this ? I asked myself. I tried to keep eating not noticing Kay or anyone else's eating habits. Finally we finished eating and decided to go for a walk around the campus. Everything looked familiar except it wasn't. I was different in more ways than one.


About the Author

Joanne Calcagno

Joanne Calcagno has drawn on her 32 year teaching career to create this fictional character based on mental illness that is close to her heart. Her previous book entitled “Raaof” is a timely story about how children can replace cultural stereotypes with genuine friendship.

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