Excuses, Excuses!

100 Reasons why your Horse lost the race!

by James A. Vena

Excuses, Excuses!

Excuses, Excuses!

100 Reasons why your Horse lost the race!

by James A. Vena

Published Sep 14, 2006
136 Pages
Genre: SPORTS & RECREATION / General


Book Details

100 excuses why your horse lost and we numbered them for you and your trainer!

An owners inside look at the world of Thoroughbred Racing with an informative yet comical view of the "Sport of Kings"!

Handicappers, casual bettors and horse owners spend lots of time and money trying to correctly analyze the field of a horse race.

Currently there are several past performance publications , hundreds of handicapping systems, computer programs, tip sheets, etc, available to those looking for the handicappers "edge".

So why is it then, in most cases, that the horse which that has been selected by the betting public as the favorite, loses 3 out of every 4 races?

Perhaps that while the general public bases their selections on past performances and trends, they are in fact overlooking the many obstacles a horse faces in the actual race itself.

Owning racehorses gave me an inside look at the many reasons a horse may lose a race. Many times the reasons (excuses) are left out of most handicapping equations when selecting the bettor's choice.

The reasons (or excuses) I have heard over the years, of why our horses lost certainly must apply to the other horses in the races that lost when our horses actually won. Horse owners will find this book entertaining and informative while handicappers and casual bettors will get an inside look at what owners are told after their horse loses a race. Excuses, Excuses!


Book Excerpt

Excuse # 48

"Horse was short"

Everything seems hunky - dory as your horse is contesting the early pace for the lead, and it looks like today’s the day to finally take a photo with your horse in the winner's circle. All of a sudden the horse stops running, and you are hoping to finish second, perhaps third, hold on for fourth, maybe get a little something for fifth, and in the blink of an eye you hit the finish line beating just one horse.

To boot, the horse you passed had to be pulled up and now awaits the track ambulance to be vanned off the track. The rider hops off the horse and states that "the horse was just a little short today".

The trainer agrees and shares with you the fact that the horse was a little short, hoping that you may not know that "short" actually means that the horse was insufficiently trained to run the distance he was entered to run at today.

Perhaps you should "short" the training bill when this excuse arises. That way, at least the trainer will now know that you have an idea what "short "actually means!

And now, so does he.


About the Author

James A. Vena

James A. Vena successfully raced and bred several Graded and Ungraded Stake horses during a ten year span. While entering the world of racing thoroughbred horse started out as strictly a distraction from his work, he quickly became a passionate student of the game. This is his first writing and he now has plans to author other books in the near future. The author wrote this book with a tongue in cheek approach and added both informative and educational ideas that perhaps the average handicapper and novice owner may find both entertaining and interesting.

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