Even More Tales from the Joe Zone

Seven Entertaining Short Stories

by Joe B. Stallings, Jr


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Stallings presents a collection of lighthearted short fiction brimming with unpredictable conclusions. One can’t help but appreciate the collection’s unpretentious breeziness and playful spirit. - Kirkus Review

This time there are seven entertaining short stories for your reading pleasure. As usual, the stories will smack you with a twist. You’ll think, “Gosh, I didn’t see that coming!” You’ll encounter a cowboy, a soldier, a spy, and other delightful folks on the way. Rather than reading these stories in one sitting, savor each story because they’re great . . . just great!


About the Author

Joe B. Stallings, Jr

I’ve lived a normal life except perhaps in my youth during the 1960s and 1970s, when I lived in both Spain and Germany as an Air Force brat. I am 67 now and spent most of my life as an accountant or financial planner. Since eleventh grade I have been an avid reader, usually nonfiction. I had no interest in grammar or writing until a few years ago, when I asked my wife, “When should I use affect, and when should I use effect?” I didn’t understand how effect could be a noun. Wasn’t a noun a person, place, or thing? I started reading grammar books, and I was hooked. To learn more about grammar, I started diagramming sentences and writing stories. I love learning new words too. I especially like archaic words.

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