Escape to Justice and Love

Not Water Over the Dam, A Revisit

by Larry Lee Jorgenson


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Hate and injustice nearly destroy a young Native American’s life, save for the love of a white girl.

A Lakota grandmother’s vision received from the Great Spirit leads to the seeking of retribution for the federal government taking Lakota bottom lands along the Missouri River in order to dam the river. Her grandson takes up the cause but is met with the evil forces of lies, racism and judicial injustice. Compassionate lawyering and the caring of a white girl seek to right the wrong that put Charlie Red Tail in prison four years for a crime he did not commit, and to defend him on a bogus charge of murder. Johanna Johnson fell in love with him along the way, but Charlie wasn’t sure he was entitled as an Indian to such feelings, although his heart wanted it to be so. As their caring for each other grew to mutual love, court rulings and a surprise confession of guilt freed up the couple to plan marriage and the serving of the people on the Horse Creek Reservation. Then, tragedy struck. The lawyer who obtained a reversal of the sham rape conviction against the innocent Charlie and helped fight the murder charge when hanging around Charlie Red Tail’s neck, was himself a victim of the prejudice and hate of some in Indian Mound County who again took their sense of justice into their own hands. The young couple vowed to be as strong as their love and pursue dreams of better life than the past had been for each of them and those who stood by their sides during the hardships suffered.


About the Author

Larry Lee Jorgenson

Jorgenson and his wife live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They have two sons. Larry claims the idiom: “Thoughts While Thinking Outdoors,” draws his sense of justice from the law, writes poetry, and seeks strength from Above and the creatures, earth and sky below.

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