by Manpekin


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The author has a simple way of presenting materials to the audience in a manner that facilitates their learning to apply the materials in a useful way. This text is required to improve the math reading skills of 4th grade students. It is a student-friendly explanatory text and provides comprehensive and holistic curriculum coverage for all 4th graders, which include practical activities and sample work to engage student math skills. The text develops the basic operational skills in mathematics to help students cope with present day challenges of society.


About the Author


S Pee N. Vululleh is a doctoral candidate at the Concordia University - Portland, Oregon, USA. He studies Educational Leadership/Management with specialization in Higher Education. S Pee received his B. Sc in Mathematics and M. Ed in Educational Administration and Supervision from the University of Liberia, West Africa. He also holds a post graduate diploma in peace and conflict studies from the Koffi Anna Institute for Conflict Transformation. He served in key administrative positions in the country including principal of high school, Ganta UM Mission Station superintendent, Director at the Division of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education (MOE), Assistance Superintendent of Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS), and Vice President of Liberia Association of Writers (LAW). He taught Mathematics at both high school and undergraduate levels in Liberia and Sierra Leone; and also offered graduate courses in Educational Statistics and Educational Measurement and Evaluation for several years. He participated in the development of the Professional Standards for Teachers in Liberia and the revision of Liberian school curriculum. S Pee represented University of Liberia and MOE at national and international conferences on Natural Resources and Basic Education. He serves as a Chairman and Advisor on Education for the Liberian community in the state of North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota, USA. He also serves as a member of Education and Scholarship Committee for the Nimba community in the USA. His current research is focused on immigrant experience regarding government assistance. S Pee is a person with Vision, Consultant and innovator in the field of education. S Pee’s main interest includes developing human resources and cause of learning. He is an author (along with three others) of three junior high text books (9th, 8th and 7th grades) for Liberian schools, entitled “Maths For Junior High for Liberia”. S Pee is a member of the following educational organizations: American Educational Research Association (AERA), Mathematical Association of America (MAA), and Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE).