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Carol Peterson has a vivid awareness of people, place, and a philosophy of life in her debut novel, Eddie’s Wake. She engages all of our senses while touching our heart with a young boy’s story of loss and redemption. This poignant coming of age tale will keep you turning pages right through the gripping climax. Inspiring and compelling. A must read.

Carol Davis Luce

Author of Night Passage

October, 1927. At the end of the fishing season, Karl Stern’s father, Eddie, falls into the icy waters of Lake Superior and dies. Told he is now to be the “man of the house,” a grieving Karl feels he must protect his mother and sisters from an uncle who has a score to settle. Deserted by his friends, missing his father and devastated when his mother sells Eddie’s share of the fishing boat to support the family, Karl falls into a spiral of despair that threatens his faith and shakes the foundations of his world. Who can he trust to help put his life back together?


About the Author

C. A. Peterson

Carol Peterson attributes her fascination with Lake Superior to her father’s enthusiasm and many cold camping trips along its shore when she was young. Still captivated by the chilly waters and rocks, she now shares a love of the mysterious lake with her husband, Tom. An ordained minister and mother of two grown sons, she and Tom live in Wisconsin near the confluence of the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers.