Eastern European Eats

Regional Dishes from Poland and Czech Republic

by Marita Ludvigsen


Book Details

Good food should be easy. These Eastern European influence recipes are fun and delicious.

My grandparents grew up in Eastern Europe. When they made the arduous journey to America, they brought their European culture, traditions and recipes with them. This book blends my own second generation American food traditions with the strong influence of my heritage. Many of the recipes are taken from my mother’s handwritten note cards still stained with the ingredients from making the dishes. You can almost smell the delicious mouthwatering foods just by reading the recipes. My hope is that you enjoy making these delectable dishes as much as I have enjoyed sharing the recipes with you!


About the Author

Marita Ludvigsen

I started my cooking journey in childhood with an interest in creating amazing tasting foods. My mom always seemed to have some tantalizing aroma coming from the kitchen when I came home from school. She would encourage me to help her especially when she was baking which was my favorite experience. I continued to perfect my skills by cooking for my family of three children. Creating something delicious to be enjoyed by others you care about is a gift from the heart, a warm hug out of the oven! I currently live in Colorado with my husband Rich happily cooking and sharing the joy of food.



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