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Welcome to Dweebville where the Dweebs do things and it gets really exciting.

The narrator is the main character and tells most of the story wrong so you don't know what is going to happen. The Dweebs are great teachers and teach the narrator many things. They even have a mom that can talk. They have a great celebration or did they? They wake up in time to watch their favorite show on their broken down TV and more. To sum it up, the Dweebs make boring things very interesting. WOW! Warning: If you open the book, you let the Dweebs out and they will do things. They did things before the book was published. This is really true. You have been warned.


Book Excerpt

Howdy folks, welcome to Geekazoidville. We are going to be lucky because the Geeks built a computer out of sand and it really works. The only problem is that someone forgot to invent the “on” button so they can’t turn it on. Oh no, what are they going to do now? The Geeks are experts, so I’m going to stick around and find out what happens. We are going to be lucky because we get to find out about computers today. This is supposed to be the best place ever.


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Mike McCracken

Watch my youtube videos I'm just a customized songwriter and teacher who traveled the world writing songs and stories. I was teaching in the US and a lot of the children's books were boring. I said, "I can write better than this!" The students said, "Do it!" I said, "OK, I will!" My book Love and Tears is full of customized emotional songs and the reasons I wrote the songs. My life and other lives are in this book.

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