The Dutch Flat Hotel

Mystery Of The Dumbwaiter

by Jasmine Borschberg


Book Details

A delightful romp, weaving iPods, Indians, and time machines into one great mystery!

While snooping around the Old Dutch Flat Hotel, four friends accidentally discover that the hotel’s dumbwaiter has an interesting secret of its own. As the secret unfolds, the friends are ripped through time on an unexpected voyage, landing them right into the middle of the gold rush days. While encountering a famous stagecoach robber and outlandish saloon girls, they have the chance to form a bond with the half-forgotten Miwok Indians. Lost in the 1850’s they will need to find their way back to the present again. One thing’s for sure— the experience of what they see and learn changes their lives forever. The plot’s many twists and turns will surprise even the most astute detectives, while the extraordinary characters will be remembered long after you have finished reading the book. About The Author: When the author, Jasmine Borschberg, first laid eyes on the Dutch Flat Hotel, it was love at first sight. Their first acquaintance was quite pitiful, for the hotel was boarded up and surrounded by a chain-link fence, looking like a captured prisoner. As time went by, Jasmine’s fascination and obsession only grew stronger. One fateful day while passing by, she finally succumbed to the mysterious powers of the old hotel. An irresistible urge took over, and the next thing she knew, she found herself breaking and entering. She slipped through a window, and once inside, her imagination took over. The hotel was coming to life right before her eyes! The romance between them could no longer be denied. All the fantastic antiques and artifacts had stories to tell of days gone by. I knew, right then and there, that I needed to find a way to share these stories with all of you. I hope you enjoy the fruits of this unusual relationship.


About the Author

Jasmine Borschberg

Jasmine Borschberg runs a resort and spa on the island of Batam in Indonesia. The Dutch Flat Hotel, Mystery Of The Dumbwaiter is the first book in the The Mystery Around History series.

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