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Faith-imagined stories—where God and people intersect.

There is one book in the Bible where God’s name does not appear. However, if we look at the story in retrospect, His fingerprints are all over it. So it is sometimes in our lives. Listening to our own stories, we are often able to detect God’s hand. In Dusting for God’s Fingerprints, stories such as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” and “Playing the Hand You’re Dealt” point in directions where prints may be found. “Adam and Eve Up a Tree” and “Remembering to Laugh” give biblical insights into how to look for those fingerprints, and “Nicaraguan Epiphanies,” “Redemptive Winks,” and “The Language of Grace (As Overheard in a Blues Club)” are stories that help us catch glimpses of God’s hand in our lives when none seems apparent, and “Joey’s Equation” (forgiveness), “Sam’s Club” (compassion), and “The Lion Lady” (kindness) give us tools to remove obstacles to finding prints. “The Dawn of the Remarkable” reveals the one fingerprint that gives hope in making sense of it all—and finally the dots are connected in a Theo-poetic jazz rendering of “Dusting for God’s Fingerprints.”


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But we are not left alone. Spirit comes alongside us, the Comedian and Cosmic Joker who sometimes smacks me right between the eyes, sometimes in this old hard heart. Most times He just nudges me from behind and whispers, “Tag, you’re it”—leaving only fingerprints.


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George W. Baum

GEORGE W. BAUM (aka Jack Cuzzi) brings 40 years of a real-life spiritual journey to creative literary expression. He has spent half of his life in a variety of educational endeavors and the other half in diverse Christian enterprises. Educated at UCLA, Pepperdine, Chapman, and Pacific Christian Universities, George lives in Torrance, California, where he enjoys family, friends, wine, and jazz. Visit the author’s website at for more information about his work.

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