Duets with My Daughter

Lessons in Hope, Heartbreak and the Human Spirit

by Kathie Wennes Taitano


Book Details

“I’m never giving up.”

Rachael was a vibrant, joyful, compassionate young woman of twenty-three when diagnosed with the stage IV germ cell cancer that would ultimately take her life. From the moment she understood her diagnosis, then navigated through difficult treatment options and heartbreaking setbacks, her sense of hope, determination and courage never wavered. Rachael believed with all her heart that she would be a survivor. Her support network included beloved friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, who organized fund raisers, donated travel miles, and most importantly, provided an outpouring of boundless love, humor and encouragement. I once said to Rachael that I would have given anything to trade places with her, to be the one with cancer. Without hesitation, she calmly replied, “I wouldn’t have let you.” Because Rachael loved life and was deeply grateful for her time on the planet, we are reminded that in living our own best life, we honor hers. She would not have it any other way.


About the Author

Kathie Wennes Taitano

Kathie Wennes Taitano has been blessed to work in various settings as an RN, retiring after forty years of service. She has found a renewed love for Hawai’i after seeing it again through Rachael’s eyes, and lives with her family in Kailua.