Do You Know the Real You?

by Cindy Tyrrell Pettit


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“Why can’t I reach my potential? Why do I give up so easily on my dreams? Why is it so hard to follow through with my goals?”

If you’re feeling stuck—if you’re looking for that ever-elusive breakthrough to success—it may be time to discover your own personal path to reach your goals. Do You Know the Real You? helps people discover their own unique success formula, tap into confidence they never knew they had, and learn how to change life patterns that have become roadblocks to success. Thoughtfully crafted by former executive and executive coach Cindy Petitt, Do You Know the Real You? takes readers through a process of self-exploration that ultimately leads to personal and professional success. Each chapter concludes with practice exercises and assessments that will help readers become more self-aware, possibility-aware, and proficient at developing new habits that can jump-start a stalled life! “An empowering tool kit for growth that offers a successful combination of strategies, research, and creative approaches.” —Kirkus Reviews


About the Author

Cindy Tyrrell Pettit

About the Author: Cindy Tyrrell Petitt is the founder and president of Coaching for Positive Action with over two decades of corporate experience improving executives’ effectiveness and helping them develop strong leadership, strategy, thinking, and questioning skills. Her current focus is on helping organizations, individuals, and communities increase their potential and strengthen their performance. She holds an MS degree in Organizational and Human Resources Development from American University/NTL, and a BS degree in psychology from Centre College of Kentucky.