Dog-Gone Good Medicine

Straight From the Heart of a Family Vet

by Bert Platt


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Dog-Gone Good Medicine lets us peek behind the curtain of a veterinarian’s life and see what is really important: the love between pets and people and how we can make it better. A family vet for four decades, Bert Platt has served generations of pets and families through his practice in work as varied as day to day small animal medical care to serving as a veterinary missionary in Africa. He has been blessed to be able to share the fun times with his clients as well as the difficult ones; those experiences have changed his life. Dog Gone Good Medicine goes beyond books on pet health, providing not just the what and how of pet care, but getting to the heart of who our pets really are and why they mean so much to us. You’ll save money following his recommendations on feeding and medical care; you’ll laugh as he recounts the many humorous and ironic episodes that are universally experienced by veterinarians and their patients; and perhaps you’ll remember your own tough times as Bert shares how he and his family have responded to losing their own beloved family pets. Along the way we get some answers to the basic health questions that every pet owner asks, but we also get the answers to questions we didn’t even know we were asking: “How will this puppy change my life?” “What is my pet trying to tell me? What is my vet trying to tell me?” “How can we see past the hurt when it is time to say ‘Goodbye’?” We are never the same when we share our lives with our pets. By reading these simple, short essays on pets and pet relationships in Dog Gone Good Medicine we can learn how we and our pets can truly be changed for the better.


About the Author

Bert Platt

Bert Platt has been the family veterinarian for many generations of pets and their people. His work in enhancing the lives of pets and their families has taken him around the world, but his passion has been his patients in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Bert and his wife Nancy live on their own little piece of Heaven in York County, South Carolina surrounded by the family and their pets.