A Collection of Short Stories

by Susie Newman


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Ten women, ten stories, told in diary form... Each woman is as unique as her story, a patchwork quilt of places, faces, experiences and circumstance. The only common thread is the year and the diaries fall into order by month. Written in distinct voices, each story gives a vivid picture of the age and crisis of the diarist. These vastly different stories range from sixty-eight year old Ruthie, facing her mortality as she battles a terminal illness to twelve year old, biracial, Jasmine, facing an identity crisis as she reaches adolescence. The diaries of Libby and Eden take you to hidden places of darkness while the diaries of Sissy and Brooke shine a light on all that is wholesome and sweet. The reader will empathize with Jessie and Claire as they journal their way through self-discovery and the diaries of Angela and Maggie will cause you to laugh out loud. The stories are a unique collection that immerse the reader into the lives of these women and give an understanding of human strength as well as human weakness. Each story is an honest portrait of the human condition. These stories run the gamut of emotions, always entertaining, they are by turns poignant, sad, lighthearted, serious, graphic, and at times downright hilarious. Diaries carries a message to the heart that touches the soul.


About the Author

Susie Newman

SUSIE NEWMAN leads a diverse and colorful life, working as a paralegal, a marketing research hostess, a grill cook, a janitorial cleaner and a wedding officiant, all of which have added to her ability to write diverse and colorful stories. Married with four children, Susie resides in Westerville, Ohio.

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