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the ghetto poverty environment many positive and negative characters and characteristic’s reach it’s highs and lows, diamond pimpology is a woman of money and greed and dramatical life stlye of the wild streets of the ghetto. past down through genes of a x-pimp her father d-mack.In her life she live with the sickness in spirit wealthiness.satan having control in her life .luxurious item’s money sex and partying in the hell storms. drown her life into insanity without knowing .leading her players ways of spoilness in the street life and players hearts.find her future headed for figure when messing with a woman of all satisfaction is a investment of keeping a woman for themselves and the guys is not seriously committed into having a serious relationship.for all shaytesha gain over time of players spoiling her life of riches came to it dangerous challenge when she wanted to settle down with a establish man of all likings of life aspects of good livinging.getting right with god is the only cure for shaytesha soul of having the pimpology genes of a x-pimp.time never met up with god shaytesha was loving the world of it’s fame fortunes now her life is face with jail or death she excape both


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Maceo Mays

major passion in crafting street tales of drama and its ins and out of danger. maceo a father of two childredths.a thug by nature looking to survive proverty and be something he never thought he be in life a talented man of god.

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