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A Novel of Intergalactic Discovery

In The Adventures of Dewey the Alien, two species, galaxies apart, meet by chance and share adventures neither has ever imagined possible. New characters and unexpected challenges will test every fiber of both Alien and Human as they find themselves in dilemmas way over their heads and struggle to survive the daunting consequences. Book One of this trilogy is a thrilling journey of imagination without boundaries—one that will leave you wanting more from upcoming episodes in the incredible adventures of Dewey the Alien.


About the Author

Marshall Lefferts

About the Author: Marshall Lefferts has lived in many places, and has been a professional musician, a radio personality, and now a successful sales executive. As a lifelong sci-fi enthusiast, he has spent 12 years working on the side on his debut novels—a trilogy of books about fantastic and intriguing alien species. Marshall lives in Minneapolis and Tampa with his equestrian wife. He enjoys playing guitar in rock bands and aspires to continue writing sci-fi and other novels for the rest of his life.



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