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Laura has experienced double tragedies—the death of her parents and, years later, her grandparents. Then she meets Robert, a handsome man she hopes will be her knight in shining armor. An unknown individual begins stalking her, and though she and Robert marry, the stalker mars their happiness with his increasingly strange and threatening presence. Then Robert’s parents are murdered and the horror becomes almost more than the couple can bear. For months they think the stalker may be gone for good, then he contacts them again. When he finally makes his move for Laura, he tells her he is her long-lost father and he wants to rescue and protect her. His identity is masked, and no one knows what he will do next. Robert sees his wife—his most precious possession—and the future of himself and his sons fading into a tragic oblivion. Who is this shadowy spectre? How can one human seem so kind yet be so threatening?


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M. Wright

M. Wright has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Oklahoma. She has worked as a law enforcement officer for Canadian County Sheriff's Office in the past. Today, she enjoys being semi-retired with her husband and writing.

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