Permission to Mother

Going Beyond the Standard-of-Care to Nurture our Children

by Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC

Permission to Mother

Permission to Mother

Going Beyond the Standard-of-Care to Nurture our Children

by Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC

Published Feb 09, 2008
272 Pages
Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / Child Rearing


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Why do you need Permission to Mother?

The "Standard-of-Care" is a legal term, the level at which the average, prudent provider in a given community would practice. It is how similarly qualified practitioners would manage a patient's care under the same or similar circumstances.

Sadly enough, the standard-of-care legally protects only the provider (the physician or hospital) and is not necessarily in the best emotional, physical, or spiritual interest of the consumer (the patient). Dr. Punger's personal experience brought this to her attention. She has experienced a doula-attended hospital birth without intervention, working while tandem nursing, tandem nursing beyond the toddler years, and perhaps most dramatically, a footling breech birth at home.

Included are other women's experiences that go beyond the status quo. All stories have one feature in common: Dr. Punger goes beyond the medical standard-of-care that too often imposes on a women's right to mother to the fullest.

Through her warm, attachment feel stories about her own mothering journey and the inspiring women she is in close contact with, Dr. Punger gives you permission-- to birth just the way you want to and to breastfeed for how long you (and your baby) want to.

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Book Excerpt

Illustrated by the author (and friends) with 65 interior black & white photographs of gorgeous pregnancy photography, doula-attended labor support, mothers and breastfed babies, and home-centered parenting. This book is compliant with the World Health Organization Code for Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes. The author supports the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative and The Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative.


About the Author

Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC

Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC & her husband John Coquelet DO are in private practice in St. Lucie County, Florida. They have three unschooled, drum-banging, karate-kicking sons. Her perspective as a board certified family physician with expertise in breastfeeding is truly unique. Permission to Mother is her first book. Much of it has been worked on at home with the three boys active in the background.