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Why would a wagon merchant ever part with his wagon? If you are Horatio Willoughbee, would you do it in the hopes of sparing the life of someone you have never met? Stranded in a community at the foot of the Cascade Mountains, the people in the mountains and foothills kindly reach out to Horatio, and he in turn plans to secretly give back on Christmas Eve. This becomes a mysterious tradition until tragedy strikes on one Christmas Eve when a blizzard blasts through the mountains. Years later on Christmas Eve, Mr. Whitworth, a wealthy businessman known more for his wealth than for his sense of Christmas spirit, is stranded by a blizzard in the mysterious town of Willoughbee. A reversal of fortune causes Mr. Whitworth to become penniless, resulting in being evicted from the hotel where he’s been lodging. Inadvertently, he turns out to be a fugitive, pursued by a vicious man and stalked by the apparition of Horatio Willoughbee. He teams up with some street-savvy individuals who introduce him to an obscure Christmas that is nothing like the traditional commercial Christmas he has always been accustomed to. Seeing the other side of Christmas through the eyes of those less fortunate, Mr. Whitworth is led to the true meaning of Christmas spirit. Whitworth and Willoughbee are two men who become bound by a common motif in Déjà Vu Christmas. Enticing elements throughout the story foreshadow future events. These tidbits speak to the paranormal, to the subconscious, and to déjà vu moments.


About the Author

James O. Jenkins

Author, James Jenkins, studied psychology at Olivet College, Huntington College and Michigan State University. He also participated in paranormal studies at the University of Michigan in the 1960s. These experiences and study programs helped formulate the underlying premise for the stories.