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In a land torn by war and strife—what would you do for love?

Sarah and Caleb is a love story between the young, strong-willed Sarah Worthington of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and Caleb Thompson, a handsome craftsman from Northern Pennsylvania. Caleb teaches Sarah the ways of physical and intellectual love as they dedicate themselves to helping runaway slaves before the Civil War calls upon Caleb to fight for the North. When a villainous friend returns wounded from the war, he wreaks havoc until his reign of terror is ended in a chilling climax. This tale of love, loss, deception, redemption and survival takes its characters to deep, dark places and back again. Life goes on, but love never dies.

“Sarah and Caleb is a beautifully crafted drama of sensuality, sorrow, and the brutality and beauty of life, and love, in war torn America. Markowitz's words bring to life the depth of emotions, and complications of life, that permeated the families of the 19th century. It feels purely cinematic in its delivery.” Julian Adams, Strongbow Pictures

"Think a small-scale Gone With The Wind with some provocative and memorable between-the-sheets action that would have more than burned Atlanta down.

Debra Markowitz marks her sophomore literary attempt with rich characters, believable dialogue and descriptive locales that prove once again that hers is must-read storytelling. You will sorely miss Sarah and Caleb and crave more of Ms. Markowitz' tales after reading the final chapter." William Lieberman, In Touch Magazine

"Debra Markowitz does not disappoint! Sarah and Caleb is a page-turner – an insightful and passionate story woven with intense sensuality and sensitivity." Kory Mills Diskin, Jade Productions


Book Excerpt

“What else did you ask about me?” Sarah inquired.
Caleb smiled at her question. “I did not have to ask much. I was told your name is Sarah. You are the youngest of three sisters, and you are…different.”
Sarah emitted a brief laugh. “Yes, different. And different does not bother you?”
“Different intrigues me. You intrigue me.”
Sarah looked down from Caleb’s eyes. “I understand you are intrigued quite a bit.”
“Sarah, you have to but ask, and I will answer any questions you have.”
“Why did you want to dance with me?”
“You are a beautiful young woman. And because you are different. All these women here tonight are beautiful, but your eyes shine like emeralds.”
“All of my sisters have green eyes such as mine.”
“But they do not have the fire behind their eyes as you do.”
“Was it not perhaps a challenge from those I would not dance with before?” asked Sarah suspiciously.
“Only slightly,” Caleb confessed.
Sarah laughed. “You do not hide from the truth.”
“No, I do not. I have no need to. I knew that you would only accept the truth.”
Sarah again looked into Caleb’s eyes. It was no wonder that the women at Lottie’s welcomed Caleb into their rooms.


About the Author

Debra Markowitz

Debra Markowitz, Director of the Nassau County Film Office and of the Long Island International Film Expo, first appeared on the literary scene with her debut novel, the sexy and surprising, Naked in the Rain. Debra, also a freelance writer, has written for television as well as radio. Sarah and Caleb, her second novel, is sensual and dramatic and introduces characters so real, their stories will make your blood boil and your heart soar.

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