My Backyard Garden

A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief

by Debra Hester


Book Details

See for a brief moment the hope of a positive ending to a journey we all take.

Does love conquer when love is lost and hidden under a veil of grief, behind black clothes and shaded glasses? My Backyard Garden is a love conquers all story that chronicles the days leading up to her mother’s death, the wisdom her mother left behind and the journey of memories that surfaced for a fight against fear, anger and grief. Come sit and share a garden view as a daughter moves through grieving the loss of her loved one and embracing the calming, captivating and healing backyard garden they grew together.


About the Author

Debra Hester

Debra Hester is a business professional with over 20 years leading training, coaching, leadership and organizational development initiatives for large global corporations. After raising her three children as a single parent, amid a demanding career and tons of emotional support from her mother, she is focusing on raising the awareness of the role of motherhood and its importance to building community by nurturing and protecting our children. Learn more at: