Death, Resurrection and Life, States of a Soul

by Mercedes Franzone-Morales


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A Book of Hope and Trust in God

Death, Resurrection and Life, States of a Soul is a profound spiritual and real experience of a soul who, by God’s grace, love, and mercy was able to see the mighty hand of God guiding her through this journey. It is a living testimony of the process of conversion of a soul with very descriptive details, the spiritual context involving that soul, and the great purification, healing, and liberation taking place to achieve the necessary perfection desired by God. In each state of the soul, death, resurrection, and life, you will be able to identify the graces, gifts, trials, sufferings, and virtues versus vices whose fruits will bring a continuous transformation of the soul, providing you, as well, a source of reference for states of your soul. It presents to you a powerful and mysterious world not visible with human eyes, unless the grace of God desires to reveal it to you. It is a truthful reality and matter of faith, of good versus evil. You will encounter a whole spiritual world of apparitions, visions, messages, and prophecies. Experience how God in His infinite wisdom uses every circumstance and all the people in your life to bring you to great conversion. God will bring your soul from death to resurrection to life in the Spirit. You will no longer recognize yourself because you will be a new creation in Christ. This book brings hope, even to the greatest sinner. The greatest sinners would achieve great sanctity, if only they would trust in My mercy (Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, 1784).


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James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Death, Resurrection and Life, States of a Soul" is both inspired and inspiring. A life changing, life enhancing, life celebrating, and truly memorable spiritually insightful work, "Death, Resurrection and Life, States of a Soul" is very highly recommended reading for all members of the Christian community with an interest in the subject of personal spirituality and receiving God's grace.

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Death, Resurrection and Life, States of a Soul is a work of non-fiction on personal, spiritual themes around the Christian faith, and was penned by author Mercedes Franzone-Morales. Within its pages, the book aims to show even those who believe they have sinned beyond forgiveness that they can still accept Christ, and give their love and trust to God to turn things around. From the perspective of one such soul who has taken their spiritual journey to a higher level, the book provides guidance on conversion and tells various stories of apparitions of Jesus and principles that can be accepted in order to walk with Christ.

Author Mercedes Franzone-Morales writes passionately about her own experiences with Jesus and encourages other readers to find their path to conversion and a higher level of faith with comforting words and an easy style of narration. The information given within the pages of this devotional style guidebook is very well organized and flows from an introductory level on the concept of faith into a much deeper understanding of what it really means to have God's love. The overall message is one which is deeply uplifting and inspirational, and I'm certain that readers of the Christian faith, and those looking to convert, will find much within the guide to bolster their faith and inspire them to turn their lives around. Overall, Death, Resurrection and Life, States of a Soul covers everything it promises to, with a compassionate selection of language and a powerful belief in every word.


Book Excerpt

Three things impressed me the most about this encounter with Jesus:
first, His "light," fruit of His purity and holiness; second, His "eyes," pure and transparent, never seen anyone with that purity; and third, His "skin," the most beautiful and radiant skin I have ever seen, a color of skin unknown to me!

(Death, Resurrection and Life, States of a Soul, p. 44).


About the Author

Mercedes Franzone-Morales

Mercedes Franzone-Morales has been actively participating and serving in diverse ministries in the Catholic Church for thirteen years. She completed a three-year biblical and theological foundation program. Recently, she studied the Ignatius Spiritual Exercises and is also involved in prayer ministries. Mercedes is married, a mother of two children, and a grandmother to six grandchildren.