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Death In Diyarbakir – Turks and Kurds in conflict, a riveting mystery and political thriller where loyalties and lives are at risk

Turkish-Kurdish tensions flare in Diyarbakir when Dr. Karim and his family vanish, and Turkish Special Forces are suspected. As Emine Sesen, activist Kurdish lawyer, former political prisoner and daughter of an influential chieftain, begins to investigate, she finds herself partnered with Special Forces General Arslan Buyukdag, scion of a distinguished Turkish military family, chosen by the army to conduct the inquiry. While Emine is sure the military is responsible, Arslan’s commander wants him to exonerate the army. As Emine struggles to overcome her loathing of the Turks and Arslan grapples with his bitterness towards the Kurds, they soon realize that greater interests are at stake than the fate of one Kurdish family. Their attraction to one another grows as their relentless pursuit of the truth leads them to an unholy conspiracy that will do anything to stop them. As the danger mounts, Arslan enlists the help of the only men under his command he can trust, the intrepid Major Mehmet and the hulking, atavistic Sergeant Ruh, a.k.a. the Shepherd, who must join Emine’s fierce Kurdish clansmen in protecting them both. Set in the harsh landscape of Southeastern Turkey, center of the struggles between the Turks and the PKK, the Kurdish terrorist organization, Death In Diyarbakir offers mystery, political intrigue and romance.


About the Author

Bernard M. Brodsky

Bernard M. Brodsky is an attorney educated at Middlebury, The New School, SUNY at Buffalo School of Law, and has an LLM in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University Law Center. He is a former U.S. Department of Justice Trial Attorney, Far East Counsel for a Fortune 50 Company, and counsel to a federal banking agency. Mr. Brodsky has taught law, history and political science and has traveled extensively in Turkey.