Death by Doggie Door

An Abby Connors Dog Rescue Mystery

by Joyce Sanford


Book Details

A Friendly Favor Turns Deadly…

All Abby Connors wants to do is help rescue dogs. So when a hospitalized friend asks her to do a welfare check on his dog, of course she agrees. But her shocking discovery of a body causes a frenzy in an upscale Tucson suburb, and she finds herself a person of interest in a murder. The mayor is mad, the media is hungry, and the murder investigation is dragging. While Abby and her friends continue rescuing dogs, more bodies are discovered. Fingers continue pointing at Abby. When Abby crosses paths with the real culprit, she faces an extraordinary and dangerous opportunity. Can she bring him to justice without becoming one of his victims, or will she be framed for yet another crime? The first in the Dog Rescue Mysteries featuring rescuer and amateur sleuth Abby Connors, this delightful, suspenseful novel will leave you begging for more!


About the Author

Joyce Sanford

Joyce Sanford’s long involvement in golden retriever rescue sparked her creative side, first with the children’s book Goldenlocks and Her Three Homes, and now her debut adult mystery novel, Death by Doggie Door. Joyce lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her rescued golden retrievers, Geri and Jake.

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